Privacy Policy

NULL.BLACK Privacy Policy

These terms & conditions may change at any time with or without notification to you. You are responsible for reading this through, and by continuing or starting use of you agree to and acknowledge the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy. does not record voluntarily any data or information about our users other than the user's email, when their subscription ends, and a static list of internal ips, correlated with account (to ensure that users are consistently issued the same internal ip). Note that our payment processor may or may not record data.

Part I: Definitions:

“We”, “Us”, “Our”, “”, “the VPN”, “the Server” all refer to, its owners, staff, and investors
“You”, “Your”, “The Client”, “The Customer”, “User” all refer to the user, end user, and the purchaser of
“Hack”, “Hacking”, “Cybercrime” all refer to any violation of any law related to computers and/or networking in the United States.
“Data” refers to any network communication or information given to and/or from a the User to the Server
“Fair Use” refers to restrictions set in place by The definition of “Fair Use” is at the sole discretion of

Part II: Abuse

Your access to may be terminated at any time for any reason, including, but not limited to:
  • Overuse of bandwidth (beyond “Fair Use”)
  • Use of service to commit any kind of Denial-of-service, spam (in accordance with the US/CAN SPAM ACT)
  • Use of service to commit any kind of cybercrime
  • Use of service to violate any United States Federal Law, the laws in any of her states.
  • Use of service to commit any kind of cyberbullying or harassment
  • Use of service to run any automated bot
  • Attempting to hack or make any unauthorized connection, and/or hacking or making any unauthorized connection to, or using to another server

Part III: Waiver of Legal Liability: will not does not claim any responsibility for actions that the user takes using does not guarantee the privacy or safety of any communications to or from the server. uses encryption to secure communications - if your computer is compromised, or your ovpn configuration file is not securely kept, your data may be compromised. has safeguards in place to prevent unauthorized access to’s infrastructure. If is compromised, your data may be accessed captured. By continuing to use or beginning to use, you release of any liability for user data. Inc. does neither supports nor condones piracy. Inc. will handle generic DMCA complaints as follows:
  • Inc. will notify all subscribers once per two weeks via email, a list of DMCA complaints if there were any for that two-week period.
  • All users of Inc. agree not to engage in piracy or DMCA violations
  • If a user is believed to have engaged in piracy, their service will be terminated immediately without refund